Asked: i was soo scared because i thought someone broke into my nans house?

Ok, so what happened was i was on my way back home with my nan and pop. and we where just down the road and the securety compony rang to say the house alarm went off. anyway we raced up the road in the car got out and i then ran out the back to get in the back door while nan and pop whent in the front. anyway i got in and started to search the house. i was shaking and my hart was racing and i felt a bit sick. anyway my question is. i want to be a cop and i dont think i will be anygood at it because how scared i was in a situation that i thought may be dangerous

does being scared in this situation mean i wont be able to be a cop,


The police do a psych evaluation and other tests to candidate, the results of these tests also effect the roles you can get in the police later after you joined.

Anybody would get scared at the type of situation you described even if they did it before a 100 times because adrenalin kicks in and after you do it a few times you learn to control your adrenaline better, but no matter what nobody is at 100% cool at a tense situation. Feeling sick though might indicate a medical condition, which the police will also check for in their tests.

You aren't trained, so you don't know how you will react in a situation if you were a police officer.
When police respond to emergencies, their hearts race and they worry, but they have been trained to handle the stress and still make good decisions based on their training.
You can't tell from the situation you were just in.

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