Myer Asked: Installing a wireless motion sensor and glass break sensor to my wireless ADT, how?

I just signed up for 3 years contract with ADT about a month ago.I have a basic package (2 doors and 1 motion detection for $99).Now we pay $45/monthly service.I want to put 1 more motion sensor and 2 glass break sensor, but their price is ridiculously high.ADT wants to charge me an additional $240 plus tax for motion sensor and $220 for each glass break sensor.I saw other web site which sell the sensor at a fraction of ADT's prices.If I buy the sensor detector at other vendor, how would I add them on to my current wireless GE Simon XT system.Can I install this myself, or do I have to let ADT to do it?Does anyone know how to install the sensors?Also, do I need to let ADT know where I install the sensor so they'd know which zone in the house when alarm goes off.Please help.Thanks in advance.


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