Asked: Internet connection crashing due to…?

Ill give a brief background:

My grandparents have a DSL from bellsouth on a phoneline shared by a home alarm system. A representative came to their house to fix some settings on the modem, in order to fix an issue of interference that resulted from the phone line whenever a call came in (from the home alarm). It then worked fine.

My brother-in-law went over a few weeks later and, for whatever reason, decided to bridge the connection between the modem and the router (Linksys E1000); the connection not only restarted crashing from incoming calls, but it also began crashing erratically, for seemingly no reason. He un-bridged the connection and put it back on PPPoE, and it stopped crashing from incoming calls, but continues to crash erratically, sometimes as often as every 5 minutes.

No matter what he or I do to adjust the settings, it does not seem to help. The problem no longer seems to be stemming from the phoneline but from some basic setting issue that neither he nor I can identify. The connection will cut out randomly on the ethernet-connected PC, and the wireless signal will just go down for 3-4 minutes altogether. I have not noticed any changes in the lighting on either the router or the modem. Anyone have any ideas?


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