Kassidy G Asked: interview advice does it sound like ill get the job?

i had a interview last Thursday at a tanning salon i really really want this job when she called me for the interview she asked when i could come in and i came in right then after i got there.. the manager talked about my availability and the hours she would be able to give mealso she talked bout the benefits that i will get i felt comfortabletalking with her and felt like i had made a good impressionits been five days even though she said she is going to wait two weeks to train girls should i be alarm that she has not called me yet . i am so scared that i wont get the job . but i just have a good feeling about it. also should i call to do a follow up this soon .. thanks to all who answer


LINNET Answered:
read about it here
open the second and sixth brown link
there for more info bit.ly

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