Kurious Kat Asked: Is it weird that my body keeps waking itself up?

I had to do something for my mom before she went work. I fell asleep at 12 am, then woke up at 2:30 am, just as I mom was about to get up to use the washroom. Then I got up again at 5 am, 15 minutes before her alarm goes off. Is this normal? Maybe coincidental? Did my body wake itself up because I needed to? How the hell does it know what time it is?


Tom Answered:
It happens to me as well sometimes, if you have been having caffeine, playing computer games late at night, or body spasms can often be the cause, it gets very annoying i know

Barry C Answered:
training. You are becoming a light sleeper. Melatonin might be good to try

Seven In One Stroke Answered:
Check it out:


Bet you don't remember doing that most nights huh? Well in this case it seems you had something on your mind that was extremely important to you: helping your mother. Since your brain doesnt shut off, it was likely encouraging you to wake up more fully than normal, in order to address these needs.

None Of Answered:
You are probably subconsciously worried about your mom's well being, and can sense when she will be getting up, or is getting up. And your subconscious could have really good intuition. This isn't a.bad thing. It's similar to maternal instinct, where mother's wake up ten minutes before one of their children comes into thier room about having a bad drean or feeling sick. Your mind was probably just aware that you needed to do something for your mom before work, and you were subconsciously worried about not waking up and doing it in time so you were waking yourself up. The human brain is a very complex thing.

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