Asked: Is MAC filtering only can be used in wireless network?

Is MAC filtering only can be used in wireless network?


Modern swiches and SOHO routers have similar abilities, in cisco called port security, which effectively binds a port to a MAC address.
Even small home routers (for example AVM, Netgear) have user interfaces for MAC filtering, allowing only known (and/or typed in) MAC addresses to access the device and the internet.
Done by oneself there is for example arpwatch (for linux/bsd), which monitors MAC/IP pairings and alarms if mismatched. And if you're a fan of IPv6, you can use ndpmon (linux/bsd).

This is basic network security and should be applied to all closed networks with a known user/device base.

No its a switching technology, so any layer 2 network or higher can use it, its a pretty useless security measure the reason being anyone listening to the network can observe MAC addresses so can easily alter theirs to match.Forget about it, it has no use, better to use decent encryption WPA2, which is far better.

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