Asked: Is my wisdom teeth extraction site infected or just swollen?

I'm 18 years old. I had four impacted wisdom teeth removed Tuesday morning. I've been very careful with my eating and I have been regularly cleaning my mouth with saltwater in a syringe. It is now Sunday afternoon, and I am still in a bit of pain (it becomes much worse at night). I chose to not take any type of narcotics to deal with the pain because they make me quite sick. Instead, I have been taking four milligrams of children's ibuprofen every five hours. Because I do not take medicine often, children's ibuprofen does a suitable job of alleviating my pain.

I didn't swell badly, but there appears to be some swelling currently in my left lymph node area. There is no swelling on the other side at all. I have had no irregular bleeding or smells or tastes from the extraction site. I do not appear to have a fever (even when I'm sick, I rarely run much of a fever). Still, I am alarmed that I am in so much pain on day six and I am even more alarmed that my lymph nodes are swollen only on one side of my face.

Is this an infection? I go back to see my oral surgeon for a check-up on Tuesday afternoon. I just want to make sure this is not an emergency situation. Also, can I eat slightly more solid foods, such as pasta, at this point in recovery?

Thank you for any help! I'm a bit paranoid.


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