coolgirl8913 Asked: Is this considered verbal abuse?

Over the years, my parents have been quite harsh with my sister and I. However, it seems to have worsened over the past couple of weeks. My sister came out to them, saying she was a lesbian. They refuse to believe her and they hate me for supporting her. My dad called me a *****, stated that I have no life ahead of me, a family traitor, an asshole, and a few other things. My mom found out that I had simply stayed after school for an hour to chat with a teacher/friend of mine, who suspected it going on, and called me a goddamned liar. She threw my alarm clock against the wall and screamed. My feelings of self-worth has dramatically decreased, and I have been battling a depression for about a year or so now. My dad cheated on my mother a year ago, and since then, I have been trying to mend our differences. I gave him a letter about two months ago, and he gave me the silent treatment. Now, he only insults me, says that he is the parent and that I'm being overly dramatic, and that if I show a bit of guilt and remorse, maybe he will consider giving me my privileges back. He kept my sister home from school due to embarrassment from her roaming the halls at school with her girlfriend. My parents refuse to attend graduation, and now, I'm not sure what to do. I'm going to continue supporting my sister, even if that means getting slammed. Just not sure what to think at this point.


Mahalia Alvarez Answered:
If that's really how things are going down, and you haven't been disrespectful or provoked things – then i feel like the way they are treating you is deff. wrong.
If you stayed at school without their permission then you do need to apologize for that.
I don't know how old you are but all you gotta do is tough it out till you get out of high school. Continue to be there for your sister and stay strong, girl! Try to be as respectful as possible and know that if they do anything to you that you dont deserve, they will be punished in the end. Karma's a B^t&h
Your parents obviously have different views that you guys do, and thats okay. It happens all the time, especially now n days. You've gotta respect that and have tolerance, especially since you are in a position where you have to respect them

Vax Answered:
It is obvious that your parents wanted the best from you both, they are taking care of you and your sister, no because they have to, because they love you. Being a lesbian, it was not one of their plans, it was a really disappoint it. It really feels that they have failed.

Do not judge them, one day, you will be a parent and you realise how difficult is to raise children.

Parents are not perfect, not human being are, however, try to understand and communicate with them. One day they and you will understand your differences.

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