Selena Marie Gomez Justin Drew Bieber Ariana Leslie Grande Jasmine Kylie Villegas Ashley Kloe Gomez(mom-Ashley Greene) Kellan Mical Gomez(dad-Kellan Lutz) Zendaya Carlie Gomez(15 year old sister) Stella Rebeca Gomez(14 year old sister) Pattie Mallette(Justin's Mom) Jasmine(Jamie) Renda Bieber(Selena's daughter and Mackenzie's fraternal twin) Mackenzie Zyon Bieber(Selena's daughter and Jamie's fraternal twin) Pattie was like Selena's other mom until… Ariana and Justin started dating. Justin got drunk at a party and cheated on Ariana with Selena.Ariana forgave Justin but when Selena said she was pregnant they never talked to her again. So what happens when Ari and Bieber see Selena and the girls 4 years later ______________________________________________________________________ Selena's POV I woke up to my alarm and walked to my girls' room.I tapped Jamie first. Me-Jamie. Jamie- Mommy? Me-Yes sweetie. Get up okay. Jamie-Okay She got up so I headed to Mackenzie's bed. Me-Kenzie? Mackenzie-Yes. Me-Get up sweets. Kenzie-Okay. I took them down to the kitchen and made them waffles and scrambled eggs with orange juice. While they were eating I went upstairs and got ready. Selena's Outfit #1- Kenzie-Momma We're done. Me-Okay. I went downstairs and washed the dishes.When I went upstairs I showered them like I did and changed them. Jasmine and Me-Okay my girlies. Do you want to go to the zoo or the mall. M and J-MALL! I smiled and we <b>…</b>

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