First single from the debut Album "Alarm of Acceptance" Recorded at Shock sounds Recording studio. Produced by: Lean Ansing and Light Of Luna. Facebook Page: (Special thanks to: Redhorse beer, Shock Sounds Recording studio, Dickies, Macbeth, Rolio and Butch Bautista of Fine line Tattoo) Lyrics: "Difference" I was born dirty and ugly, Moving on without your beauty, Start my days nothing and empty, But, still I feel no worry. Lack of knowledge nothing to compare, Many looked at me in despair, See all the things that I do, None in all of these like you do. I love to be, this as you can see, I love the way you hate my scene, I will stay not to be like you, Not to be like you… All Your helloes don't have "O's".

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