Zayn's POV When we got to Jazzy's house, we saw Antonio was home, the perfect time to tell him everything that had happened. When I walked in, I carefully laid Jazzy on the couch, and let her take nap. After Me, Niall, Liam, and Danielle explained what happened for ten minutes, he got more protective of Jazzy than ever. He made sure he made the alarm code more complicated to remember and lock the doors and windows at night or when no one's home. -6 hours later- It was starting to get late and Danielle, Liam and Niall had already left to go back home. I offered to stay and help Antonio. He went to bed after a long day at work, and plus he has to wake up early in the morning to go to work at 9. I decided that since no one else can harm Jazzy, I decided to leave to go back to my house. When I picked her up from the couch to bring her back to her room, it woke her up a little bit. Jazzy- *wakes up slightly* Hmm? Zayn- Shh. It's ok! It's just me! I'm bringing you to bed. Jazzy- *talks sleepy* Ok! *yawns and rests head on his chest* When I got to her room, I forgot she had clothes on. I woke her up so she can get dressed I turned around in a corner to let her change in to her pajamas. When she said she was done I turned around and saw she had this on: After she changed she plopped down on her bed. I laughed and laid down next to her until she fell asleep. I really felt comfortable with her. I really love her. But I'm not sure if she loves me back. I decided to <b>…</b>

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