Asked: Looking for a security system, will award best answer.?

Here are the specs i am looking for if anyone has any links please post them thanks!

does not have to be wireless
record all the time to DVR
or record when motion is detected
set off alarm when motion is detected
send signal to internet-smart phone accessible
alarm sent to smart phone
up to $1000
out door cameras
a system with at least 4 cameras.

also if you happen to know anything about a good game camera, I am looking for one of those too. One that takes pictures on motion and is infrared.
Thanks for anyone that is willing to help me look. :)


Answered: is an online based company that has low prices on all security surveillance products.

it is not wireless, but you don't want to use wireless anyway because the signal can be weak and not very reliable.All of their DVRs have motion recording, but I would recommend purchasing a higher end DVR model for better picture quality.All of their DVRs are also internet accessible as well as viewing on smart phones.You can setup a setting in your DVR so when there is motion, you can receive email notifications on your phone.

They have many options to choose from, but go with the higher end items because they're more reliable and quality is better.If you need help to choose a system for you, they have excellent customer service and tech support.You can find their email and phone number on their website.good luck!

I think the best on the market now is the EYE-02 GSM camera from Pacific GSM
Wireless camera DIY concept, built in detectors such as PIR, motion in picture, glass break, shock,etc. have battery backup and night vision and wireless remote control.
you can operate from phone or web site see live and much more. Winner of to many awards.
I using as a monitoring my kids because is portable and you can use for anything what need monitoring or protection

I have a Foscam FI8905W outdoor IP camera that is similar to what you want.Sends email when motion is detected.Can view video on smartphone.

See the source material below for additional IP camera options:

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