Billy and Adam are escorted to the principal's office by Mr. Hamilton. Billy begins to wonder what they'll do to him… The three enter the anterroom(the room where kids wait to be seen by the principal; on the other side is a door that leads to the office), and a pretty cocker spaniel looks at Billy with an excited sparkle in her eye, not because she likes him, but because she sees something in him, something no one else sees, and she can't quite put her paw on it… Billy and Adam protest for what they've done, but Billy feels guilty. His fire-hot breath IS what set off the alarm, after all. Mr. Hamilton leaves, and now Billy and Adam are in the hands of Dr. Whittier, a man who has rumors flying all throughout the whole school saying how eccentric he is. But Billy soon learns by looking around the office that this man is not eccentric. He's dangerous! Music by Kevin MacLeod from Titles: Exciting Trailer, Delibarate Thought, Sneaky Snitch and Fluffing a Duck. Based on the book by Bryan Davis. Please comment, rate, subscribe and enjoy! ~ Brownie. ♥

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