Once a thriving High School Musical Program has been reduced to a shadow of itself. The small county of Amador in the foothills of California. Once had 3 strong music programs, in 3 high schools. Now because of budget cuts the 3 schools share 1 music director. Literary thousands of alumni have benefited from the music program of the area through the years. Musicians around the world call Jackson there home town and now find the band which once consisted of 200 members in a 400 pupil school. Now have 25 members. The alumni have rallied and have come to agreement. We must rebuild the Music Program of our schools in Amador County. The beauty of Facebook has allowed the alumni to come together and stay informed. A video filmed by Disney in the early 80's Documenting the work of Wesley P. Hill in the Argonaut-Jackson High School Band and his great successes for over 30 yrs. Recently resurfaced and has sounded the alarm for the Alumni. Sadly Wesley P. Hill passed on in 1989 and the music program was left in shambles. The strongest advocate for the program and mentor for the students was gone. The current Music Director, Chris Tootle, is managing over 4 music programs. This is not humanly possible and he is at his wits end to educate so many students. Apathy among new students considering entering the program has cause the numbers of 5th grade students to be reduced to little or no interest. The Music Is Dying in a once strong program. Losing the benefits of music to these young <b>…</b>

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