Alisha Asked: my 13week old chihuahua x maltese?

ive noticed of late that my pup saxon has been making weird snorting noises and i wanted to know if i should be alarmed or monitor him…as a friend came to visit 2 days ago nearlly now and her 4 dogs have kennel cough and we didnt know til they arrived…he has'nt had his booster shot yet which is due in a week……… concerned for him….he also will do this in his sleep…..


akshara Answered:
Occasional bouts of sneezing, snorting, honking and wheezing are not unusual in chihuahuas,Although it appears only for a few mins r seconds it can be ended by massaging the dog's neck and throat and encouraging the dog to swallow or lick. Another way to slow it is to clap your hands to distract the dog, or pinch closed the dog's nostrils with your fingers, forcing it to breathe through its mouths and to swallow.

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