Asked: My computer is probably infected, but all my anti-virus and anti-malware scans have found nothing.He

Today, I was away from my computer, and relatives of mine went on my computer when they had permission. I believed that they were responsible enough to know right from wrong but sadly they didn't. I assumed they did when they did not. A website popped up, which was an imitation of a Microsoft Security Essentials Alert, which had a button which said to "Perform Scan". They immediately called me, thankfully, but they did not tell me that they pressed said button, which they did. They immediately shut off the computer, and waited until I came home. When I arrived home, I checked the site which popped up, and noticed that it now was blocked by google, stating that it contained malware. I immediately became alarmed, and instantly started scanning my computer. I scanned it both with Avast!, and Malwarebytes, both which were the free edition. I was both relieved and even more alarmed when both found nothing: I was mainly even more alarmed due to the fact that I know that antiviruses and antimalware can miss new types of viruses, many of which can be disastrous to a computer. I immediately started studying the site, in hopes of finding out what was the hazard that the scans missed. I found that the button tried to try and start a download for an executable, which appears to never have been downloaded. I searched the site's url on google, which led to a site which made me think my computer was infected with an instance of Blackhole Exploit Kit. I quickly tried to figure out whether or not my computer was infected, but alas, my results have been futile. I now come here in hopes that someone may help me out, and hopefully end my worries.

For a quick summary of my results, and links to everything I used, and found. check the pastebin. Google is thankfully blocking the site for anyone who goes to it, but just to be safe, open the links with caution.
WARNING: You are personally responsible if you somehow harm your own computer.


It's a rootkit go to for full instructions, you will need malwarebytes and combofix regular virus programs can't even see rootkits, you have to use malwarebytes in safe mode and even sometimes you have to rename the mbam.exe file because rootkits are programmed to recognize it and disable it

Back up important file to a online cloud service or external harddrive, then store it.

check the registry entries here.
if you have either of them, you are infected.

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