Asked: My connection times out when someone is calling on phone?

Internet cuts out any time phone rings exactly when someone answer the phone call, All filters are connected. I replacedthe filtersand replaced my router i have Four routers and replaced my router dsl cable and wall jacks but still have same problem.
I did call the support and he was useless he did not solve my problem he said that everything is fine he said that he cant figure out where is the problem what a useless support
Please help me when this this internet timeout that really pisses me off
Any suggestions, The only hope for me is you Guys…


Is your computer connected via Ethernet cable or WiFi?

If it is a wireless connection, you can experience interference from cordless phones which interfere with the 2.4 GHz band.

If your computer is connected via Ethernet, I would suspect a filter problem.

A DSL data connection uses high frequencies to transmit the data. The same line transmits voice at lower frequencies.

The filter is a low pass filter allowing the voice in the 300- 3000 Hz range to pass while blocking the higher frequencies used by the DSL modem.

You should have a good connection (preferably direct) between your DSL modem and your incoming telephone lines (Demarc Box).

The connection to the DSL modem should have no filters installed on it. All of your other active phone line devices such as telephones, answering machines, FAX, satellite receivers, alarm systems, etc., should have a filter installed between it and the phone jack.

You can verify your DSL filters are not your problem by unplugging all of your active phone devices except the DSL modemand retesting your Internet connection.

I wrote in more detail about DSL filters here:

Good Luck…

The only way to test a electronic device such as a low pass filter is to ensure the circuit is working properly without any filters or devices connected and then add them one at a time and retest.

Replacing a electronic component with a new one does not ensure that the new one is good.

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