Annie Asked: My dad is punishing me for no reason?

Yesterday (I couldn't type this yesterday because my dad blocks wifi after 10) my friend and I planned out this whole thing for the weekend, and I was pretty damn excited, my mom said I could blahblah. So at dinner, I was explaining to my dad everything we were going to do and he said no. Like he just interrupted me and said no. It's even at her church so what the heck? Quote "you are going to sunday school there is no discussion so dont bother arguing." As mad as I was, I didn't.
Then at home, he's getting on my *** about random stuff that he usually could care less about. So I hid in the livingroom to avoid contact, lol. Eventually i decides to start a movie (9:30pm) my dad comes downstairs and says its my fricking bedtime. On FRIDAY NIGHT. I'm almost 16, and it's my bedtime?! So not wanting to start crap, I decided I'd watch a movie on my iPod instead.
Then I went into their room, because my parents were watching a movie of their own!…. My dad goes "alright, bedtime." and looked at me expectantly, what the hell am I supposed to do?! Laugh? I just stared at him and walked out, if I had said something I would've gotten slapped.
Then my mom gasps and he comes up to me and starts screaming a me, "YOU CAN GLARE AT ME ALL YOU WANT BLAH BLAH GET UP AT 8 TOMORROW AND CLEAN YOUR ROOM, IF YOU'RE NOT UP-"
You can say I didn't want to listen to the threat.
I figured he'd get over himself, I mean, sorry I hurt your damn pride but seriously..? Nope, he barged in my room at 8:05. Imagine how annoying that is. Then he started bitching about how I didn't set my alarm.
Help me!!!
Talking isn't an option… He doesnt listen and it only makes things worse. He'd probably end up hitting me and grounding me for the century.
What should I do….
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Additional Details
My mom doesn't have a backbone when it comes to my dad. When I asked about my friend thing, (after he told me no) she's like "I'm sorry it's my fault I should have aske him first." what!?
Then whenever he yells at me she takes his side and proceeds to tell me how wrong I am. So she's not an option either.
6 minutes ago

This just in… I talked to my mom. "you need to get yourself under control… Stop disrespecting your father." I WASN'T DISRESPECTING HIM! fml.


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