Asked: My long distant boyfriend has changed completely…I don’t know what to do?

IWe started talking over Facebook in July…we really liked each other and got to know each other very September he told me he loved me. We fell in love with each other, from september to november he would ALWAYS text me the sweetest things ever, like i wanna cuddle with you and kiss you and have babies with you and he would always say ILOVEYOU<33 and call me gorgeous and post on my Facebook wall saying "mine<3". He lives in WIsconsin I live in Minnesota, and we are planning to meet when I turn 18, and I would move in with him. But that's a year and a half away…and he has changed significantly since about maybe a week ago, in january. We used to message each other literally every day, him initiating contact he never messages.. Also he used to text me every morning before i went to school, he would even make an alarm for 5 in the morning just so he could text me. He doesnt do that at all anymore, not since about 10 weeks ago. He used to message me after school too. Doesn't do that anymore. He never says sweet things to me anymore either, like the examples i showed earlier. Never posts on my wall anymore. I asked him if he still loved me and if he did could he please please say it..all he said was "Rebecca this is getting ridiculous." I said "I'm sorry…I just get really insecure and worry. I won't ask again, I promise." Then he didn't message me for two whole days. It just hurts because he used to be so in love with me 3 months ago..always talking to each other…planning our future life together..saying the sweetest things you could ever think of. But now it's like it's all gone, he stopped trying or or something. Last I heard from him he posted on my Facebook wall yesterday saying "happy birthday doll face, have a good oneee<33"
But anyways, why do you think he changed all of a sudden? It's tearing me apart remembering the way he used to be and the things he used to say to me…compared to now he only treats me like a friend, and never messa


long distance never works out because you leave and after so long you start to slow down on all that and it slowly changes its nothing that will fix the problem as long as he is gone he left and went around new people and new places so he gon be kinda new

3 months of only talking, it's not love, more like lust or infatuation. Especially if you never seen one another in person. It takes a lot to make a real relationship work. You can't expect it to last when you never seen each other and were not planning on seeing each other til you were 18. It's over for him, and he realized it wouldn't work and you are still hung up on what he used to say. It's not love when you don't know what he is really like outside of txt and messages and phone calls. I would say ok maybe love if you all had met and really got to know each other…spent quality time together. It's time for you to move on. Keep him as a friend if you don't think it will make you miserable. And if you really think that it was love, he would have said it back when you asked him why he didn't. Truth hurts, but it's time to move on.

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