Kristen Asked: My Windows Phone was stolen?

On the 16th, I forgot my phone in the bathroom of the Walmart I work at. I noticed soon after and ran back to find it was already gone. Security checked the cameras and it looked like it was most likely a customer who left with it, rather than the 3 elderly cashiers who walked out before I returned. I immediately had friends calling it, but it was on silent so the person who had it probably couldn't hear (not that they would have answered). I also texted the phone asking for its return to the Customer Service desk. When I got home I tried to track it with At&t family map, but it could not be traced because it was most likely out of batteries by then. When I checked the usage, I saw that the internet was accessed about half an hour after the phone was missing, and that the texts I sent were received up to a few hours later. Is there any other way to retrieve my phone from this person if they've already switched the SIM cards or the phone is not charged? Are my hotmail account and calendar updates still accessible with their SIM in the phone?


Nice Friend Answered:
Forget it buy new one if he is honest may give u back.only sim card should be closed by cALING COmpany{before that u sent sms with ur name adress if he want to give back

SavedBYgRACe Answered:
prolly shouldnt be using your phone in the bathroom anyway lol.If anything they unlocked the phone wiped it and sold it.

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