Asked: Nearly Housebroken dog, now "going" inside again!?

Our puppy is about 5 1/2 months old.We've been working on his potty training, and he's been doing really well; accidents were becoming fewer and fewer, and things were progressing well.We use the Petsafe Wireless Containment System, and it was time to start putting him on the collar. The first day or two he was afraid of it (understandably) and had an accident or two in the house, since he didn't want to go outside.Now, about 3 days later, he loves the freedom! He runs in and out without us, having a ball. BUT his accidents have become much more frequent, even though he's spending oodles of more time outside! He peed inside 3 times in the last 4 hours (mostly small amounts), even though the door was propped open for him to come and go as he pleased, which he had been doing! He isn't afraid to go outside-he runs in and out all the time. Why is this happening? What can we do? He was doing so well, and the light was visible at the end of the tunnel. Now I feel like we've backtracked so much. Help!


Hi Abigail,

It sounds like your pup is not sure where the boundary between "inside/no potty" and outside/potty. Time to retrain. You won't have to do this forever – but this will train him until he understands…

(1) Get a crate. The crate is like a bedroom and safe place for him to stay when you are not home to monitor his activity. He will like the safe home as long as it is safe and not used for punishment. It should only be slightly larger than him. Even with a crate, he still needs to be taken out frequently. Take him out after every drink, snack, play time, and when he wakes from naps. He won't want to pee in his "bedroom/crate" but will do it if he cannot hold his pee and has a real accident.

He won't be able to run in and out right now but this will help re-establish the boundaries. Keep the door closed and have him "ask" to go outside until this is learned.

(2) Get The Housebreaker. This thing rocks! The Housebreaker has a sensor that he wears when you are home. It is placed in a belly band and will alert you immediately as soon as he tries to have an accident. You can take him to the correct place to pee (outside). The alarm will tell the dog that he is doing something wrong so he will learn right away (it "catches" the dog trying to pee in your house but doesn't hurt him). The best part – the thing prevents the pee from getting on the floor. There will be no more pee to clean up! Its awesome. I wish someone had told me about it years ago (maybe it wasn't out yet). Either way – you should get it. It works!Check it out the website is

There is a Money-Back Guarantee on the website so its worth checking out…

Good luck!
Take Care!

Wireless (invisible) fence collars can react (be set-off) by other electronic devices and may be shocking your dog indoors, which may cause accidental wetting (in a submissive reaction).Take the collar off the dog & put it on your bare arm and walk around the house & turn appliances, like dishwasher, TVs, computers, etc off & on.

If you don't get a shock, then move to plan B -stop leaving the door propped open.The dog needs to "learn" to ASK to GO OUT when it needs to potty, not be able to come and go at will (when NOT fully housebroken).Plan C=Although less common, males can also get UTI, so take a urine sample in to your vet, to make sure there's no infection, causing frequent small amounts of indoor elimination.

You may want to contact Wesley Laird, he is a dog behavioural specialist that has helped many of my friends and I've seen great results in their dogs! :) He helps issues like this, and helped one of my close friends get their chihuahua potty trained in the first lesson! I don't have a dog myself, but if i ever get one I'd definitely go to Wesley.

His facebook is:

And his website:

have you been rewarding him for going outside still? if not he is young and might want the attention still and figures he might be doing wrong


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