Asked: Need help on stalker issue….?

Ok so if you had a stalker and got a restriction order from court, moved out of the city, deleted all your internet info can he not find you anymore? Does a stalker even go away???


They shouldnt be able to find you. Its important that if you do use the internet dont accept friend requests from someone you dont know. dont put your location orpictures which have place information on it and put your security settings so strangers cant see. You can also put panic alarms on your doors if you cant afford expensive ones then remember you can get cheaper ones that attach to doors and windows and if the door or windows are opened then an alarm goes off to alert you. You can also get alarms that alert the police or other emergancy services when you press the button. You can also get support from other stalker suriviors
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well a stalker to me is someone who randomly sees you on the street(lets say) and follows you and the next day he does the same and so if he is a complete stranger how would he get your info unless you give it to him..and well if its someone you know just call the cops on him idk. And yeah i dont think he would be able to find you if he is a stranger

then u need 2 probably stop being friends with that 1 person becouse tht person is ither telling stalker information about u on purpose or hes accidently saying thingsor the stalker s fiding out things about uon his computer maybe mail? drop allold conacts 4 awhile uually stalkers get bored pretty qick & move o,if its drastic & it has 2 b severe u can do a name change & government will relocate u & get u a job but u have 2 do your part & make it impssable 4 the stalker 2 find u if it meansnot seeing old friends 4 awhile than thats what u have 2 do

if he a stalker he can and will find you that's what stalkers do and he will find you since he is a friends friend

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