Asked: need help with weird sleep problem?? i Don’t sleep what so ever?

I always go to bed around 9pm and get up at 7am for school.. I feel like I remember my night so well because im half awake and half asleep. I don't think I even really fall asleep im just like resting?? also it takes me about an hour or two to "fall asleep" im not tired throughout the day just feel its impossible to get up because I feel like when my alarm goes off I was JUST starting to really fall asleep.. I have tried some store bought sleeping pills and NONE work!! please help!! starting new school and job soon really need this sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A doctor might suggest an overnight sleep clinic who'll monitor you while you "sleep" or not and together with your doctor determine the next best course of action. Or you could try melatonin.

ugh I kno how it feels im late to school so many times haha I've tried exercising alot during the day so im exhausted and I've tried setting up thousands of alarms and I've put my clock 30 min ahead so I trick myself but nothing works I think u just gotta get up even tho its really hard. Good luck

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