Random Drink: Water Justin's POV: Last year – November I wake up to my alarm going off, it's 5a.m., I hate morning practices…I feel so tired the rest of the day THEN we have a two hour practice after school. But it's completely worth it! I'm one of the best wrestlers at my high school next to Megan, Greg, Tara, Lily, and Josh. We always place in the tournament we're in, and let me tell you when they raise your arm, all the hard work is worth it. I get out of bed changing into sweats then heading downstairs to the kitchen opening the fridge grabbing my protein shake. I take a few sips while my mom walks into the kitch "Good morning Jay." my mom says too cheerfully for 5 in the morning "Morning." "Is Megan picking you up or no?" "No, cause she's busy after school so she can't make practice. I was just going to take the ruck. Dad can use my car if he needs it." "Why don't you just take YOUR car? It's new, and everything you wanted. That's why it's YOUR car." my mom says while pouring a cup of coffee "I want to drive the truck to day. That's all." "I guess you can. Just remember to be careful, the truck is powerful. Your dad will kill you if anything happens to it." my mom gets the keys from the basket from the front door "I know mom. Can I just have the keys so I can go?" I hold out my hand taking the keys from my mom, "Thank you. I'll be home after 6." I kiss my mom on the cheek then head out the door. Lunch I walk into the cafeteria walking over to my usual table, Greg <b>…</b>

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