Asked: Outlet Power Reset/Loss Issue?

Sometimes, usually when I turn something on, the power from the outlet will either reset, or go off for a time (usually resets.) I'm aware that outlets can only hold so much power for devices, however I haven't added anything prior to the beginning of this and have until now had no problems.

I've tried replacing the outlet, and even unplugged everything I wasn't using. Most recently I had a wireless router, my netbook, a 42" TV, an XBox 360, a phone charger (not charging,) and an alarm clock plugged in.

Also when the power falters, what actually loses power is completely random. From the list above, my tv, router, and netbook retained power while my 360 and alarm clock did not. Other times, the same items may be the ones to lose power.

My light has remained largely unaffected, but I do seem to recall it flickering once awhile back.
I do not think the outlet is grounded, however I have both seen the light lit and unlit in outlets that are supposed to be.
And I do have two surge protectors running from one (the only) outlet in my room (which I know do no good ungrounded.)

But again, despite the above statements, I'm disinclined to believe they are the cause because I had gone months with the TV, and years with everything else without issue.


sounds like a bad circuit breaker. but im no electrician.

if you decide to replace cb do at own risk. throw main switch off before touching anything. or have an electrician diagnose the problem and fixed as well.

I would start by checking the main power panel for a loose connection.Possibly any conductor or bus lug in there could be causing the problem.If it is a main connection you would have more problems at 1 time.I suspect a loose connection on the circuit that powers the TV.It may be in one of the other receptacles in the circuit so they all must be inspected. If you are uncertain about what you need to do contact a local qualified professional electrician to do the work.

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