Perang Jempana (The Battle of Deities) Part 6 – The Beginning and End View On Black and in Large Perang Jempana (battle of deities' effigies) Ritual is held at the Pura Panti Timbrah in Paksebali village, near Klungkung, Bali every 210 days precisely on Kuningan Holyday. This temple is a clan temple of Pasek Bendesa which its origin can be traced back to Timbrah village in Karangasem, its congregation about 80 head of family (about 380 people). The preparation for Perang Jempana is already start in the morning, the members of the clan gather together in the temple and prepare the offering for Perang Jempana ritual. At 5:30 PM, the sound of Kul-Kul (Balinese traditional alarm made of hollowed wood) urges all the clan members to gather in the temple. The male members of the clan are bare-chested and the female members use their best cloths. Before the deities' effigies are prepared for Perang Jempana, they are placed in a special place in the temple, given special offering by the Pemangku (temple priest). After the deities effigies are installed in the Jempana (the palanquins attached to bamboo stretchers in which the deities' effigies are carried), they are paraded to the Pura Taman (a temple near Unda River in which the Pemangku (temple priest) asks for holy water). The Jempana (palanquins) are placed inside the temple given a set of offering and the pemangku (temple priest) asks for holy water, while the members of the clan take a bath in the river, in order to purify <b>…</b>

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