Performance of the piece Alarm–Signal by Diemo Schwarz for CataRT, controllers, and freesound sounds, at the Sound and Music Computing Conference concert around freesound, Barcelona, Spain, 22.07.2010. Program Notes: Alarm sounds and signals are usually lying in wait all around us to alert our attention, warn us of danger, wake us up. This piece finally gives them a chance to express themselves freely, just what the freesound project was intended for. "Alarm" and "signal" are the search terms used in freesound to find the sounds out of which this piece is exclusively constructed. Despite the startling nature of most of these sounds, the use of corpus-based concatenative synthesis techniques in the CataRT system makes it possible to compose smooth evolutions and soothing combinations of timbres, thereby reflecting on the inner qualities of these sounds that are richer than their everyday use. Performed on a Stantum SMK 15″ multitouch interface provided by Pascal Baltazar using a specially adapted version of CataRT and the Max Multitouch Framework (MMF) by Mathieu Chamagne. Camera by Fivos Maniatakos, video editing by Alain Bonardi, originally published in the article "La collection numérique comme paradigme de synthèse/composition interactive" by Alain Bonardi, Francis Rousseaux, Diemo Schwarz, Benjamin Roadley, published in the online multimedia journal Musimédiane Nº6, 2011,

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