Shay M Asked: plz help, im Scared to go to sleep?

Every night its like im frozen in fear just laying in the dark. I dont know what im afraid of.. maybe that something will pop out of the darkness and get me? i feel unprotected and terrified…
and then i usually have nightmares. i cant tell you what they are about, i try to forget them. and then sometimes when i wake up i can feel the nightmare- like atmosphere still surrounding me, and i feel confused. its like im not completely in reality, but im aware of it. but i cant get out of it! like one night recently, i woke up at 3am thinking my alarm went off (it never did!). then i wondered around the bathroom confused and sooo horrified. like i was walking in my nightmare and something was going to kill me. and when i looked in the mirror, i wanted to scream. i finally realized that i just needed to go to bed. i dont know whats going on but what can help?


Chris Answered:

Try sleeping with a light on, I have a light which can be dimmed and change colour. That really helps. Or if not, try putting your tv on, put on a dvd like a comedy or something. Turn the volume down to low, but so you can hear it. That way you know your safe and you dont feel so alone. I always listen to family guy cause it makes me smile. Just listen to it, relax and then you'll fall asleep. :-)

Alan K Answered:
You need to calm your senses and relax your mind. There are plenty of remedies for that. The best is to drink hot cups herbal tea. Cammomile, Sage, and green tea with honey. Also, you may need to listen to some relaxing calm music that may remove you from your nightmaric dream states. Check out this link to an online radio station:

When the page pops up…scroll down to the channel called "Chillout", and click on the winamp, mediaplayer or aac icon to start listening. Tune in just before you want to sleep, put the volume on low, close you eyes and enjoy :)

kristina Answered:
sounds like you are afraid of what in the dark. Sometimes when you think about scary things before you go to bed or anytime of the day it can effect your dreams. So maybe thats why you have nightmares. I do that alot. Im afraid of whats in the dark rather to the acual dark. Try to get a night light or think about something happy or different before bed or leave the t.v. on and put it on sleep mode. Hope i helped:) Oh, and I've learned that if you dont think about your dream when you wake up you wont remember it.

Eric F Answered:
I used to be terrified to sleep and would make up so many times even after i first was able to fall asleep. Mine was a lot of stress and problems I was going through. The night terrified me and my nightmares kept me only sleeping 2 or 3 hours a night. I actually found comfort in sleeping with the light on and writing down everything that was on my mind before I went to sleep. I also on horrible nights would take all natural sleeping pills but rarely. Now I sleep at least 6 hours a night and actually if my girlfriend is here I sleep like a baby. I really think it is a comfort issue.

David Schwarz Answered:
Your sensitive to spirit. When the lights go out you sense spirit earth surrounding you and do not know how to deal with this living thing that is much bigger than you. Some of those spirits are not good and those are what you fear. Just remember that spirits cannot harm you unless you give in to evil. You should record your dreams. You should remember them and write them down. Everyone who has this high sensitivity level should. The Earth can use your dreams to warn you of many things and to even teach you a lot. Mind your dreams, and in time it will help you to let go of fear.

Spark Answered:
I used to have horrible nightmares. I know EXACTLY what you're talking about when you wake up after having a nightmare and you feel that eerie nightmare atmosphere in your room. Your heart probably was pounding after the nightmare too. I hated that.

You said you're scared before you go to sleep. This is probably the exact reason why you keep having these dreams. You need to relax right before you go to bed. Don't think about what your nightmares were. If you feel that scared feeling, that is exactly why you have these dreams. To me, when we feel fear, chemicals get released in our body. When those chemicals are floating around while we sleep, they trigger nightmares. So I would say read a book before you go to bed. A book that has a story that you really get into. Either that or listen to some music… Music with a positive message. Maybe pray. And in that quiet moment when you're just trying to fall asleep, imagine you're talking to the guy/girl you like, or you're hanging with your friends, or you're somewhere you wish you were.

Just keep associating sleep with something positive. I used to be scared to go to sleep, but now I LOVE it. It's like my favorite time of the day, lol… I get to just sit there and relax. And hey, maybe sometime during the day, go for a jog or something. Expend some of your extra energy. That helps too. Hope the nightmares go away for you. Just think happy, positive thoughts and you should be ok. Good luck!

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