www.absolutesecuritystore.com Diversion Safes are one of the best ways to protect your cash, keys and jewlery for burglars and criminals. Read this article. Have you ever heard it said before that the best place to hide something is in plain sight? While this saying sounds a little strange at first, it is so true. Estimates show that a burglar spends an average of eight minutes in their victim's home. Where do you think he will spend most of his eight minutes looking? In all of the obvious hiding places, of course. He will look under the bed, between the mattresses, dresser drawers, jewelry boxes, gun safes, in the headboard, and anywhere that he thinks is a great hiding place. The places he will most likely not be looking is inside of all of our household items that we use every day. How many burglars would think to look in our Dr. Pepper can for our jewelry, or in a can of engine degreaser for our money that we have stashed away? Probably not too many. How about in a flower pot or a book for our handgun, or in one of our electric outlets for valuables? Diversion safes are exactly what their name says, a diversion. They are made to the exact specs of the products they are designed to look like, even down to the product weight. Diversion safes are made to look like almost any household product you could buy at the grocery or auto parts store. For example: Scotch Gard, Pringles potato chips, Tire Puncture Seal from Gunk, Kibbles and Bits dog food cans, shaving cream, JB <b>…</b>

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