anonomous Asked: privacy protection virus help?

i got that fake privacy protection virus thing today. it stopped me from opening the chrome browser so i first turned of my wireless then i tried to uninstall the program however i couldnt find it installed. then i new it was a script so i tried to stop the process with windows task manager however it closed that pretty fast too. so i tried to quickly close it and after a few tries i stopped the process and found the .exe in the roaming folder in appdata. well afterword when i tried to turn on windows firewalll i find it completely trashed. it wont start and i even tried to restart the process but it still wouldn't work. im now installing avg and zone alarm however do you guys know a way to repair windows firewall after its been trashed by the malware/virus?


turtle Answered:
I would download Malwarebytes anti-malware or you can tyy some free norton or kaspersky cleaning essentials. btw avast is better 😉

John Answered:
Privacy Protection write-up and removal instructions:

kademi Answered:
lol,i would never suspect someone with such a controversial avatar have firewall problems that they are not ashamed to admit on Yahoo answers. also i would think that someone withe such a logo would know that Windows firewall is *** and you third party software like COMODO
but that's gust me

Casca Longinus Answered:
I would help you, but I know your liberal scum.

Jason S Answered:
Get rid of avg and zone alarmFollow this.


Configure like follows

This is to setup antivir after it has been installed.

Right click on the logo in the taskbar(a red square with a white umbrella), then left click configure.Towards the top left, you will see a box beside expert mode.Check this box.Now click the + beside scanner, and now the + beside scan.This will expand them.

Now click on scan itself to where it is highlighted.Now to the right under files, select the circle beside all files.Now click on action for concerning files.To the right, click the circle beside automatic.Now to the right of that, set primary action to repair and secondary action to delete.Check the box that says "copy file to quarantine before action".

Now click on archives to where it is highlighted.Make sure all boxes on this page are checked, if not check them.Now click on heuristic.To the right under win32 file heuristic, check the box beside "win32 file heurisitic", then click the circle beside medium detection level.

Now click the + beside guard and the + beside scan to expand them.Now click on scan to where it is highlighted.To the right under scan mode, check "scan when reading and writing".To the right of that under files, click the circle beside "all files".

Now click on heuristic to where it is highlighted.Check the box beside win32 file heuristic, and then click the circle beside medium detecion level.Now click ok and antivir is now setup for scanning.

Two others that are good to have as well


Also research this

Extras for speeding up computer



Frank Answered:
You can turn on your firewall until you remove privacy protection virus. Find more help below.

Carl Answered:
I just got this an hour ago…I ran across the same issue with chrome and task manager.I shut down my computer and booted it up in safe mode then I ran a system restore out of safe mode and it removed the virus.

ryan Answered:
Fake privacy protection virus is stupid, it can block your anvirus, still having problem where pop up window comes up saying the internet explorer needs to restart. Explorer was never openned. You can try this free manual removal guide with anther pc.

It is better to get into safe mode with networking to fix such problem. hope it helps.

John Answered:
In order to delete / remove Privacy Protection virus please go to this excellent video tutorial also available in the link below.

If you want to remove this virus Privacy Protection for free then please watch the removal video guide in the very bottom of the page. It will help you remove this virus manually at no cost at all, within just 3 minutes or even less than that.

Murray MC Answered:
You should simply reboot your PC into safe mode with networking and then terminate its processes (defender.exe and [random characters].exe). After doing this, you should be capable to scan withanti-spyware. Of course, don't forget that it must be updated to have all virus fixes.

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