Pushpa Basnet – A Social Worker with the courage of a loving and caring mother for innocent children who were compelled to stay in prison with their parents. She took them from prison to school and gave them everything they need. Today she is in media, people started knowing them for her great contribution towards human mankind. Recently she also was honored by South Korea with an international award. This video represents a couple of highlights on her successful attempt filmed by Kantipur television, PS. Subtitle is added for more clarity only in this first part of the video. Contribution appreciated with directly contacting her (recommended): Her direct contact information :- Pushpa Basnet M:+977 – 9851101747 Early Childhood Development Centre T: +977 – 4370005 e-Mail: pushpa_23@hotmail.com FACEBOOK : www.facebook.com Rest of the Video Part 2 : www.youtube.com Part 3 : www.youtube.com You may also check CNN Hero: Pushpa Basnet – edition.cnn.com Saved From A Life Behind Bars – edition.cnn.com Kathmandu, Nepal (CNN) — Pushpa Basnet doesn't need an alarm clock. Every morning, the sounds of 40 children wake her up in the two-story home she shares with them. As she helps the children dress for school, Basnet might appear to be a housemother of sorts. But the real story is more complicated. All of these children once lived in Nepal's prisons. This 28-year-old woman has saved every one of them from a life behind bars…….. Source: CNN

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