Asked: questions about IPOD touch 5th generation. If you have one please check out this question.?

I I really want to use Instagram and I think the IPOD Touch is the cheapest way to go..please let me know if im wrong.

I dont want a cell phone with a 2 year contract I dont even talk on the phone like that. so my questions are.

Where is the cheapest place to buy the IPOD touch?

Can I connect an IPOD touch to a TV and watch movies?

Is it worth all that $$$.

What can I do with the IPOD besides listen to music?

Can I talk on it lol?

do I need a mac to use this?

Thanks to all who answered my question


1) I'm not sure where the cheapest place to get an ipod touch is, but you could try ebay perhaps ( I got mine for 85 on ebay).

2) Not sure about connecting the ipod to a TV (I don't think you can but I'm not certain). You can however download movies from itunes onto your ipod and watch them on your ipod.

3) Personally I think it's woth the money, but I suppose it would depend on how much you use it really.

4)You can do all sorts of things with an ipod touch, for example on mine I get my emails on it, I skype, use facebook and msn, watch youtube, listen to my music, surf the internet, watch movies, play games, there are lots of things you can do with it. However I will say that the things invloving the internet i.e receiving emails, skype, facebook etc, you can only do with a wifi connection,so for example when you are travelling the only things you can do really are listen to music, play games and watch movies, unless you can get a wifi connection.

5) You can't talk on it like you would with a phone, but like I mentioned earlier if you have a wifi connection you can skype and use msn.

6) no you can use you ipod with a mac or a pc (both sync itunes)

hope I helped:)

Just for instagram? Pshh, your better off saving and using what you got right now

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