After finishing up the filming of a documentary for a Cryptic Shadows Paranormal Research project (I was home alone filming), I was about to take the camera off the tripod and shut it off when I caught this remarkable footage. There is a K-2 Meter on the left arm (facing) the sofa and an IR light sitting on the coffee tableThen after a few minutes I got up to turn the camera off. I first saw it with the naked eye when I was attempting to dismount the camera..a glowing ball appeared so I looked into the camcorder viewfinder and saw it as well…so I started trying to follow it with the camcorder still mounted on the tripod. It was difficult for me to maneuver. After I turned my camera off, it came back & hovered in my face. I ran my hand threw it and it left a glowing trail behind it as it hurried away from my hand. Notice how it appears to hit the K-2 meter and get a burst of energy as it gets large). I had just gotten a cold chill and asked if there was something there & if so could it illuminate; try to glow and show itself to me. I was sitting on the sofa & asked it to come over to the sofa & sit with me. I was sitting on the end next to the K-2 with that pillow in my lap & my dog beside me (notice the path of the anomaly & the fact that it did exactly as I asked it to & seemed to be checking out where I was sitting and everything I touched & then immediately came straight to me…even when I asked, "where did you go?" it came back into view. Very unusual behavior <b>…</b>

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