theguy Asked: Remove insurance/gps/tracker box fitted to my car?

So I just got some tracker thing put on my car by the insurance company, thing is it really restricts me and I want to remove it, I have located it. but my question is, can I remove it without setting off some alarm/anti tamper device or if that is not possible would a gps/phone jammer stop it from communicating (Presume it connects with insurance companies website through some sort of wireless system, how else would they get the data instantly?) obviously I would have to drive with it on some days to fool them into thinking I am using it (hence why jammer idea would be preferred if possible) box/insurance was from if that helps, thanks


roger Answered:
what do you think it does? make a phone call? its a gps this means global positioning device this thing is set to work with a sattelite that orbits the earth (actually several of them, they know where your car is 24 7I have an idea why this thing is on your car, but lets hear it from you why did you put this thing on your car, if you do not want it? no one forced you . tell them to take it off, go buy insurance I would never let some greedy frigging thief of a company track my every move, how goofy is that? so tell us why is this crap on your car?

Howard L Answered:
They don't get the data instantly.Data is recorded and downloaded when the device is interrogated.If you remove it you will hear from the insurance company within 7 days that they want to inspect your car to see why it's not working.When they discover you tampered with it depending on why it was installed what you will be hearing next is either you no longer have insurance or your cost of insurance went through the roof

Michael Answered:
If you tamper with it, it will record that you tampered with it. Your best recourse is to drive safely and legally.

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