I quickly sat up in bed when the alarm on my phone went off, waking me up for school. I reached over and dimissed the alarm. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and flinging the covers off of me and got out of bed. I grabbed my towel and walked out my room and into the bathroom. After a few minutes in the bathroom I finally walked out and back into my room to get ready for school. I dried my body off after putting my bra and pantie on, then walked into my closet to pick out an outfit. After five minutes I put on a pair of denim shorts, a black and white tube top,and a pair of black sandals.When I was done getting dressed I did my make-up then sprayed some perfume on. After I made sure I looked decent enough, I grabbed my bag and cellphone and walked out my bedroom. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen were i saw my mom and sister eating breakfast.I greeted them both and made my breakfast.After eating i washed my bowl,dried my hands,and headed for the bus.The bus ride to school wasn't long after a fifteen on the bus we were in the school yard, I quickly got out my seat and walked off the bus,were I met up with my best friend Janessa,Janessa was a good 5'5 tall,had light brown skin long black hair with big brown eyes.She was wearing a red over sized shirt with a kiss printed on it with denim shorts and red sandals We've been best friends since we were 5 and 11 years later still best friends "Hey." She smiled at me. "Hey." I smiled back as we hugged. "What's up?" She asked <b>…</b>

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