Intro ; Part 1 Kennedy POV I was helping my mom bake some dessert for my brother Langston since he was graduating in a few days.. "Kennedy, run outside and get my phone out the car." "Ok mama." I went outside and got her phone. While I was outside I saw my friend Mariah. "Riah!" I hollered. "Hey Meechie!" She and my other bestfriend Michele came over. "Whatchu up to?" They asked. "Baking with my mom, for Langston's graduation. Are y'all coming?" "To see your sexy ass brother? Hell yeah!" Mariah said. "He has a girlfriend." I said laughing at her. "You just rained on my whole parade Kennedy!" She said laughing. "As long as I get to see Julian. My baby daddy. Please know I will be coming through!" Michele said laughing. "Eww my brother and Julian are so not cute." I said laughing. "Yes the hell they are!" Mariah and Michele said in unison. I don't know what the hell they're seeing. Alexis POV "No Lexi I wanna stay with you!" My sister's voice echoed inside my head waking me up. I looked to my side and saw my alarm clock said it was ten minutes til five. Well I might as well get up. Lani's my sister and when we were five years old, we were placed in foster care because of our drug addicted mother. At first it was okay, because we were together and that's all that mattered. We were bounced from foster home to foster home and some of them were bad. One of the guys tried to touch Lani and I had to protect her sometimes and she did the same for me. Then the worst day came when <b>…</b>

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