– at library- www.polyvore.com When all my classes were over I headed here so I could get my homework done. Maybe even avoid my roommate. It's dumb but I couldn't stop thinking about Justin, little things that I saw in his side of the room made me know a little bit about him. Like how he could possibly eat, breath and live for music. The library was quieter then any I've been too. Even my thought felt loud in here. It made me anxious, I took a seat in the table far from everyone else. Tonight's assignment was like any other first assignment a short summary about yourself. Ariana Eli Patterson, I wrote down but quickly erased it. I don't want anyone to know my name, what if they find put about my past? I don't want the same treatment I got back at home. The looks, the whispers, the question… I just don't want any of it again. I began to write a bunch of lies down, that I was never been broken since the day I was born, that I have and miss my friends back home, how my mother lives close by and my father is… What could be his lie? I looked around the library to find some inspiration until he was there too. "Hey" Justin whispered from across the room. I couldn't help it but he is looking at me with those beautiful eyes and his smile, it's killing me . Like if a fire alarm was ringing and the fire was right behind me, I quickly grabbed everything and immediately exit the building. He has made breathing hard for me that I had to stop to gasp for some air. This whole <b>…</b>

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