recap:i went over to rocs house and had agreat nigth then was taken home. _______________________________________________________ *i was sleeping happily dreaming about everything thats been happening in the past three days since i arrived then my alarm clock went off and as it went off mrs.rigth was playing.* riri:omg y didnt i cut this thing off…oh sorry prod love the song.*i got dressed and told titi i was going to walk around alittle and browse i had about sixty five bucks on me and i wanted to do some window shopping to see what i could buy ya know jewlery.i saw this extremely cute chain neckalace with a dog on it and the dog was holding a "S"in its mouth. riri:omg that is sooo cutee i want it.excuse me how much does that necklace cost.? clark:$35 plus tax which is $40.*the clark grabbed the neckalace and gave it to me. clark:have a nice day. riri:thank u. *i walked outta the store and i was so happy i started skipping i looked up and saw a girl her back was turned and we slammed into eachother. riri&rebbeca:ow say excuse much!? riri:sorry i trly am i just got this necklace today and i was happy. rebbecca:me to i was backwards so…im rebbecca but everyone calls me home girls are in smoothie king wannna meet them. riri:suree and im spirit but everyone calls me riri.and thank u ive been dying for some friends.i just came here so yea. *we walkee inside of smoothie kind abd a sorta thick chick was standing atthe counter very impatiencet.and a average sized <b>…</b>

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