www.crimesolutionsstore.com – 360-244-4231 SafeFamilyLife Home Basic Kit Review – People are becoming more anxious and worried for the safety of their families and properties. And so, they go look for, review, and buy home security, self defense/self defence/personal self defense, and crime prevention products. At SafeFamilyLife™, your safety and personal protection, as well as your family's and property's, is their utmost concern. SafeFamilyLife™ combines safety and security products with instructional DVDs and manuals and put them together into special purpose kits. The SafeFamilyLife™ Being Safe at Home Survival Kit – Basic System includes, 2 oz. Pepper Spray with Wall Mount, AutoDialer Security & Safety Alarm, Mini Alert Motion Detector, Diversion Safe-Peanut Butter Jar, Magnetic Door/Window Alarm, Door Stop Alarm, Glass Breakage Alarm, UFO Alarm, Product Instructional DVD, and 4 Special Safety Reports.

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