MONTGOMERY COUNTY-The Dayton-area sees almost four burglaries a day. According to law enforcement, any neighborhood can be the next target. That's why ABC 22/FOX 45 Reporter Liza Danver is Fighting Back to show you how to protect your home and your valuables from the crooks.The big item they're taking is jewelry, play station games, video games and computers. Anything they can sell. The jewelry, they take right to a jewelry shop and sell it. Gold is up right now. They melt it down right away so we never retrieve that jewelry, unfortunately, said Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer.To help Fight Back and keep your family safe, we talk to a former professional burglar about the steps you need to take right now to protect your home. Bob Portenier knows all too well about breaking in. He previously served time for armed robbery.People keep their stuff in the same place from house to house and the burglars know where to find those items. What I recommend is a home safe, he said.You can find a suitable safe at any large hardware store. But Portenier says, don't stash it in the back of a closet. Secure it to the floor, so it can't be picked up. Keep expensive jewelry, important papers and other smaller valuables inside. You put a box over it to camoflage it, then you put a couple boxes over that with like garage sale items, and they'll typically pass it by and not mess with it, Portenier said.Portenier adds, home security systems are always good. The alarm almost always <b>…</b>

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