nikki Asked: Short of disconnection, how can I stop my car alarm from going off?

Just had yet another sleepless night thanks to my car alarm. It's driving me bonkers and surely must be annoying my neighbours too.On some nights it goes off on an hourly basis.I get up, click my car commander, all is okay so I go back to bed only to have to repeat the process five or six more times.There's nothing around the car to set off the alarm and it does not happen every night but it's SOOO noisy as the car is parked right under my bedroom window.I'm disabled so constantly struggling in and out of bed doesn't do me any favours either.Is it something in the air that sets off the alarm – electricity???Is there anything I can do once it becomes clear we are in for a noisy night to short circuit things?All suggestions gratefully received


Robert D Answered:
Take it into a garage.

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