Stacy Asked: Should I have done this to my uncle? – His reaction?

I spent the week on my uncle's ranch. My uncle is a great guy, always helping other people. He is also a real jokester, too! During the whole week, he played a lot of practical jokes on me. Like, I woke up one morning with a wheel barrel full of horse $#!+ beside my bed! lol
He also put hot sauce in my food, put a worm in my spaghetti, and hid alarm clocks in my room! lol

This morning, as I was leaving to go back home, I snuck inside his drawers and put horse balm in the crotch of his underwear.
The horse balm is blazing hot, and used to penetrate through a horse's thick exterior to deeply heat up its muscles. So in other words, it's gonna set the inside of his shorts on fire! lol

I almost feel a bit guilty. Do you think my uncle will be upset? What do you think his reaction will be?



Jupiter Answered:
I've seen you ask a few similar question and I can't quite decide if you're a troll or if you have a weird fetish that I can't figure out.

fairytarts Answered:
since he messed with your food I'd say he deserves it.

Steven Answered:
You'll burn his balls off so I think he'll be pissed

vintner Answered:
His reaction will be to shriek uncontrollably and then to jump in the shower to try to wash it off.

Daniel Ray Answered:
he'll get over it. If he can take a joke he'll laugh and get back at you later on

Jacob Answered:

jr Answered:
He probably get mad but that must be funny

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