Thomas Asked: Side Alley Security Camera?

I have just installed a new security system at my home. All the entrances to my home are alarmed, I have new locks to the doors and outbuildings too. I have a motion sensor over my front door that will switch on a light inside the house when activated. There is however one area of my home that I cannot see with a window or is at all secured. It is my side alley on the side of my house. This area does not contain anything of value, however it is the only access to the garden. The alley has a secure gate and padlock, but it is possible to climb over this. The gate is at the front of my house and the padlock is the only security. I am thinking of installing a security camera to monitor this area. Should I do this? If I do, should I monitor the alley or the gate. Thanks so much.

PS. The camera will not record. It is just to connect to a monitor to view the area in case I hear anything and to act as a deterrent. The camera I purchased is a black and white wireless camera. I will situate the monitor in my bedroom.


rick29148 Answered:
If your interest is only if you suspect something, then you want the camera to show you where the noise would most likely have come from – Climbing the gate, most likely.

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