Asked: SLEEP PROBLEMS. im gunna be pissed if i just wasted 5 points and no one answers?

Okay so I'm trying to get my sleep schedule back on track. Ive tried everything. Setting and alarm on the loudest ringer. And I still don't hear it and wake up. I've told someone to wake me up and when they try to I don't remember it when I finally get up at 3 in the afternoon. I've tried making my self go to sleep early. I just lay there for hours. I've tried sleep medician nd I still can't get to sleep at a decent hour. Does anyone have any other suggestions. I've tryied a hell of a lot of things. Am I EVER gunna be able to wake up before half the days gone ?


Make you alarm go to radio and time your tv to turn on as well and possibly a light, or move into a room where you get sunlight on your face early in the morning

I have the same problem.
I'm slightly addicted to soda, so that was one of my problems.
Once I lowered my intake, that helped a little bit.
Another thing is, of you're on the computer about maybe four hours before you would like to go to bed, it's not a good thing.
Try doing something relaxing, whatever helps you. (:
Best of luck.

Your brain is probably in a mental state.if you stay up for more than 24 hrs you cannot wake up.

same problem! what I did was pulled a all nighter 2 days in a row! I know its not healthy but it got me to fall asleep early the next night around 8! and I woke up at about 9.

I swear to God, watch How It's Made on Netflix. It knocks me out in the middle of the day.

Seriously. But if that won't work for you (TRY IT!) I had the same problem too. Try to stay up from whenever you wake up until like 9pm the NEXT day.. So you're staying awake for an entire day. It'll suck and you'll probably be really tired about 3/4 of the way. Don't go to sleep! Stay up until 9pm. Then you'll most likely wake up around 8 or 9am. Schedule fixed. That normally works for me. I know how it is though and it sucks, waking up at 3pm… or 5……. and feeling like you've wasted an entire day. Good luck to you though! :)

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