www.trueonlinetv.com (the world's no. 1 online tv network with over 3500 channels) Two Taliban suicide bombers struck near a US base in Kabul early Wednesday, killing two Afghan guards in the heart of a neighborhood filled with foreign forces and embassies. The attack came despite increased security ahead of a Muslim holy day that last year saw one the capital's deadliest attacks. The bombers apparently meant to target the American base but were spotted by security guards as they approached on foot. The guards fired on the assailants, killing them, but not before one of the vests exploded, said Gen. Mohammad Daoud Amin, the deputy provincial police chief. Two Afghan security guards were killed and five civilians were wounded in the morning explosion, he said. The blast reverberated around Kabul's Wazir Akbar Khan neighborhood. An alarm started going off at the nearby US Embassy, warning staff to take cover. The neighborhood also is home to many high-ranking Afghan officials, international organizations and the headquarters of the international military coalition. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the bombing in an email to reporters. Searches us embassy kabul, afghan suicide bomber, kabul embassy, us embassy kabul, us embassy in kabul, afghan suicide, us embassy, afghan suicide bombing, kabul us embassy, us embassy security kabul, afghan suicide attack, afgani suicide, afghan embassy, suicide bomb, xwhaf0eirfy, kabul blast kills one us, suicide bomber ntdtv, embassy <b>…</b>

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