Asked: I’m staying awake all night to study big test help please!?

I was wondering whether I should sleep or not but I'm a heavey sleeper so nothig can wake me up. I can't seem to sleep so the last time I stayed awake I almost fell asleep. Is there any way I can stay awake in school if I stay awake all night? By the way were not allowed to leave classrooms cuz of what happened as a teacher raped a kid. If I sleep I don't have alarm clock and my phone can't wake me up. Is there any way I can just get up if I sleep? My parents are out of town so I don't wanna disturb my grandparents sleep. I really need help getting up an hour before school

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Ways to make getting up early easier?

Asked: Ways to make getting up early easier?

Now that schools started again I need to get up earlier and earlier as my school is an hour away from where I live and sometimes need to get up another hour earlier due to extra cirricular activities. I'm always late getting up and please don't suggest alarms because I am a very deep sleeper and cannot be waken up by an alarm. Please help me otherwise I'll be getting late slips for the rest of my life!!

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What is your opinion on this situation?

Asked: What is your opinion on this situation?

It's not real, I just made it up.

The fire alarm went off at school and everyone was scared because it wasn't just a fire drill, it was real. It ends up that the alarm went off because someone was smoking weed. This is how it all started. There was this girl, and she has been in the bathroom for like an hour. Whenever someone walks in, she says "Do you like to smoke weed?" The other person usually says "Uhh… what?" The girl then says "I have some. If we do it in here, no one will know." As the other person walks away, she says "Fine, more for me." and starts smoking weed.

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Asked: My long distant boyfriend has changed completely…I don’t know what to do?

IWe started talking over Facebook in July…we really liked each other and got to know each other very September he told me he loved me. We fell in love with each other, from september to november he would ALWAYS text me the sweetest things ever, like i wanna cuddle with you and kiss you and have babies with you and he would always say ILOVEYOU<33 and call me gorgeous and post on my Facebook wall saying "mine<3". He lives in WIsconsin I live in Minnesota, and we are planning to meet when I turn 18, and I would move in with him. But that's a year and a half away…and he has changed significantly since about maybe a week ago, in january. We used to message each other literally every day, him initiating contact he never messages.. Also he used to text me every morning before i went to school, he would even make an alarm for 5 in the morning just so he could text me. He doesnt do that at all anymore, not since about 10 weeks ago. He used to message me after school too. Doesn't do that anymore. He never says sweet things to me anymore either, like the examples i showed earlier. Never posts on my wall anymore. I asked him if he still loved me and if he did could he please please say it..all he said was "Rebecca this is getting ridiculous." I said "I'm sorry…I just get really insecure and worry. I won't ask again, I promise." Then he didn't message me for two whole days. It just hurts because he used to be so in love with me 3 months ago..always talking to each other…planning our future life together..saying the sweetest things you could ever think of. But now it's like it's all gone, he stopped trying or or something. Last I heard from him he posted on my Facebook wall yesterday saying "happy birthday doll face, have a good oneee<33"
But anyways, why do you think he changed all of a sudden? It's tearing me apart remembering the way he used to be and the things he used to say to me…compared to now he only treats me like a friend, and never messa

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Asked: questions about IPOD touch 5th generation. If you have one please check out this question.?

I I really want to use Instagram and I think the IPOD Touch is the cheapest way to go..please let me know if im wrong.

I dont want a cell phone with a 2 year contract I dont even talk on the phone like that. so my questions are.

Where is the cheapest place to buy the IPOD touch?

Can I connect an IPOD touch to a TV and watch movies?

Is it worth all that $$$.

What can I do with the IPOD besides listen to music?

Can I talk on it lol?

do I need a mac to use this?

Thanks to all who answered my question

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Asked: How do you cope after ending a long-term relationship?

My boyfriend of 2 years and I broke up on Tuesday. We were in a long-distance relationship the entire time. We saw each other every 3 months, sometimes more, sometimes less. He is also a bit older than I am. Some would say that isn't a relationship, but we talked every day for most of the day.

I am just having a really hard time coping with this. I don't want to move on and I just want to find a way to get him back. His reason for ending it was "our parents and friends won't approve and its best to just stop now." This statement is true as our age difference (10 years) would alarm some. His mother also wants him to marry an Asian woman as he is Asian and I am not. I just feel like even though their approval matters, they can also come to accept our relationship, no?

He told me he wants to be friends. I feel this is a statement said to just ease the pain, but I think he does mean it maybe. After we broke up on Tuesday, he texted me Wednesday night and we talked and actually even called me, but I had asked him to do that.

My friends have all told me the same thing. It takes time, but you will move on slowly and be okay. But I don't want to move on. Is this normal?

How can I win him over again? I don't want to beg and plead..that just sounds desperate. I am just so unhappy and can't deal with feeling this emptiness. I lost my best friend and boyfriend at the same time.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you

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Asked: Undecided Question: Is it possible to use the power for a burglar alarm sensor for a wireless camera too?

I have those motion sensors, and I wondered if it would be possible for an electrician to use the power going to this to also power a wireless IP camera?

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Asked: Is it possible to use the power for a burglar alarm sensor for a wireless camera too?

I have those motion sensors, and I wondered if it would be possible for an electrician to use the power going to this to also power a wireless IP camera?

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Which alarm system is better?

Asked: Which alarm system is better?

This one:

or this one:

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Outlet Power Reset/Loss Issue?

Asked: Outlet Power Reset/Loss Issue?

Sometimes, usually when I turn something on, the power from the outlet will either reset, or go off for a time (usually resets.) I'm aware that outlets can only hold so much power for devices, however I haven't added anything prior to the beginning of this and have until now had no problems.

I've tried replacing the outlet, and even unplugged everything I wasn't using. Most recently I had a wireless router, my netbook, a 42" TV, an XBox 360, a phone charger (not charging,) and an alarm clock plugged in.

Also when the power falters, what actually loses power is completely random. From the list above, my tv, router, and netbook retained power while my 360 and alarm clock did not. Other times, the same items may be the ones to lose power.

My light has remained largely unaffected, but I do seem to recall it flickering once awhile back.
I do not think the outlet is grounded, however I have both seen the light lit and unlit in outlets that are supposed to be.
And I do have two surge protectors running from one (the only) outlet in my room (which I know do no good ungrounded.)

But again, despite the above statements, I'm disinclined to believe they are the cause because I had gone months with the TV, and years with everything else without issue.

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