Asked: Can I add a 868mhz wireless PIR to our response SL6 alarm?

We recently found out one of our PIR detectors had been setting off our alarm every time we left our house, (dreading to think how neighbours feel) and we set up our dialer mode which rings when it has been activated, well we got the call this morning Sunday at 8am!! And now we've looked into it the PIR even on Low intensity mode keeps setting the alarm off roughly between 5-20 mins after we have left. Can we buy a ADT or Honeywell PIR and replace this faulty PIR as the others are fine?
Note: (We do not have CATS) or fish

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Asked: Looking for a security system, will award best answer.?

Here are the specs i am looking for if anyone has any links please post them thanks!

does not have to be wireless
record all the time to DVR
or record when motion is detected
set off alarm when motion is detected
send signal to internet-smart phone accessible
alarm sent to smart phone
up to $1000
out door cameras
a system with at least 4 cameras.

also if you happen to know anything about a good game camera, I am looking for one of those too. One that takes pictures on motion and is infrared.
Thanks for anyone that is willing to help me look. :)

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Yale Locks Alarm Wireless Home Starter Alarm Kit

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