Hi, can someone please answer this, and help me?

Asked: Hi, can someone please answer this, and help me?

Whoever answers this and has a question, I will ANSWER your question just if you answer mine.

Okay, so I am 13 years old… And I have been having a lot of "False alarms" that I do NOT fake. What I mean by "False alarms" is when I think I'm getting my period. A while ago, I think when I was 12, I had a REALLY bad pain in my lower-stomache and it hurt SO much whenever I moved. It hurt so much, for 5 days. No period. I have discharge, pubic hair, I started developing breasts in grade 5.

I'm in grade 8 now. Right now, I have a horrible pain in my lower-back, and inner-thigh area near my bikini line. Also, my butt really hurts. Like near the hips area. I have not over-worked myself in gym or in any physical sport/s. What is HAPPENING to me? Also, I have taken a pill to relieve my pain, and it hasn't helped at all. Please help me!

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Uh… "Girl" question?…?

Asked: Uh… "Girl" question?…?

Well, I'm only 14 and well I… Have really heavy periods. Like, REALLY heavy. I went through 4 pads at school today and I bled through during 4th period ;.; It was so embarrassing, I just stood up and had by backpack over my bum all day. I can't use tampons, (As I'm a virgin and intend to stay that way) and my mom would be suspicious if I asked to be on the pill. I put one on before I go to bed, but I have to set my alarm to like, 1-3 in the morning to get up and change it or I'll wake up with a pool of blood on my mattress. I've heard it can relate to being overweight, which I'm not. And this bloody mess causes a whole lotta self esteem issues for me.
Is there anything I can do like, change my diet? What foods can help it lighten up?
I tired of sitting in a diaper for two weeks >:C
Any help?

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H D Asked: The fraying shirt, or why I almost failed Home Ec – C/c?

The teacher was prim and stern.
She loved popular girls, pretty girls
and quietly proficient girls.
Well, I didn't fit into those categories then.

I was one of those nervous girls,
wary and watchful, missing the cues
others could read so well.

-Girls, we will now sew a shirt.
and as the final test you will wear it for a day
at school.-
Oh, Lord I thought.
I burned my pancakes,
broke my egg baby
and now the shirt.

Machines made me anxious.
so many parts moving, of
their own volition it seemed.
The first day I sewed my thumb
with the sewing machine.
It just seemed to get eaten
so fast by that up and down needle.

I was banned from the sewing machines.
-You will just have to sew by hand-
Mrs.Williams said.
Was there a glint in her eye?

I worked slowly and sloppily.
I truly had no knack for this.
And then, yes.We had to wear
our shirts.
By fifth period my shoulder seams
were unraveling at an alarming
My bra straps showed and I was

The last day of school Mrs. Williams was
attacked by a girl a half head taller than she –
in the lobby,
in front of God and everybody.

My first impulse was to run and help.
Then I saw it.
A part of her hair had been pulled
from her head and was lying on the floor.
I could not take my eyes from it.
She was vulnerable suddenly.
I was unmoving.
My shoulders showed that day
through that shirt.
There is her hair
on the floor.

Her nose was bleeding and I just watched.
The principals were running to help,
but I was horridly still.

I was corrupted?
Or was it just an inevitability?
I didn't know.
I was relieved to receive a "D"
on my report card.
I didn't want to see her again.

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SS Asked: I bought a blouse from an out of state store. When I got home I discovered the security tag still on

the garment.Does anyone know how to remove these things?I don't think it's the kind with dye.

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