Asked: Undecided Question: How do I get Windows Media Player (wmp) to stop alarm?

I have music setup to play around the house and i use wmp to play it. Computer is hooked up to some wireless transmitter and goes to two separate wireless speakers. I used task scheduler to start it a 8 am but how do i get it to stop around 7 pm or whichever time i want? Tried searching but can only find how to setup the alarm through task scheduler but not for it to automatically stop and start again everyday. Please help!!

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Asked: Undecided Question: Hi! can you please give me an idea to do my electronic engineering project??10 POINTS?

I need to create something related to wireless. for example I was thinking of getting a cell phone to control an alarm system, but this is hard to make. do you have any other ideas??


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Asked: Undecided Question: What are best burglar alarm brands?

Does anyone know of good burglar alarm brands!!?? I'm interested in wireless and wired but mostly wireless alarms will be better, thanks.

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Asked: Undecided Question: What is the best Nanny cam for my Nokia E5 Smartphone?

I need to install a Nanny cam.If I can find one that downloads time laspe memory on a daily basis that would be awesome.Hoping I don't have to pay alot for an internal alarm company to install security cams. I already have a wireless router. Also don't want to have the computer on all the time to make it work.Any suggestions? What to get and what to avoid?

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Asked: Undecided Question: Is it possible to use the power for a burglar alarm sensor for a wireless camera too?

I have those motion sensors, and I wondered if it would be possible for an electrician to use the power going to this to also power a wireless IP camera?

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Asked: Undecided Question: When the solar storm hits earth will electrical power be lost?

I've heard that any wireless tech will be down instantly but will everything that uses electricity stop working? Things like lights, TV's, house alarms etc?

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Asked: Undecided Question: Alternative companies that provide hardwired phone service?

I'm in California and the price of a land line is ridiculous. We primarily want to use the line for our alarm security system. We don't have internet and can't use VOIP and understand that the security company has an option for a wireless dialer but it is a lot more per month on top of the service fee. I wasn't sure if there are any other companies aside from AT&T who provide land line phone service.

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Sisco Asked: Undecided Question: 2000 Lincoln Town Car Key Fob Out Of Battery?

I believe that my key fob (wireless remote used for lock, unlock, trunk, alarm, etc.) is out of battery because it flat out does not work anymore… So I was wondering if I could somehow open it up and replace the battery or if I'm going to have to order a new one. Please help.

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Cynthia Asked: Undecided Question: Why won’t my Netgear G54 Wireless Router WGR614v10 turn on?

So, I was online listening to music and blogging on Tumblr. Suddenly a storm started. I didn't think much about it. But then there was this stike of lightning and thunder. It must have been really strong because the electricity went out for about 2 seconds and then it came back on. I noticed my fan had cut off, along with my modem and router. But my alarm clock hadn't been restarted back at 12:00 am.

Okay, so basically I tried turned on my modem again and tried to turn on my router. Thing is, it won't turn on. Both my modem and router are plugged in on the same outlet thing. So of my modem works perfectly fine, why won't my router? I've tried everything to get it to work but nothing. And I just got it Last night. Any advice or help? I really need it!!

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Kyle Asked: Undecided Question: DIY 2GIG Security system with no monthly fees?

I was looking at security systems and saw the 2gig wireless setup that uses z-wave. I love the idea, however, local security monitoring services charge a butt load ($50) a month if you want the automated lights and sensors and cameras.

My question is: Can I just buy all this stuff myself and install it and use it over wifi only and not use a security company to monitor? I dont care about having anyone call the cops, or having a GSM chip so it works when my router is down. I just want it to alert my phone when theres a break in, or have an alarm go off if someone breaks in.

Thanks in advance!

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