Serena W Asked: temperature alarm for baby room?

I am looking for a devise much like a wireless indoor/outdoor electronic temperature reading station except I need this one to have a special feature.

We have a 3 month old baby, and I need a way to monitor the tempurature in her room remotely…to the point of if it gets too cold or too hot (preset my me) it will sound an audable alarm when we are sleeping on the other side of the house.

Does anybody out there know of such a device, and if so…could you please include the model number?I've spent about an hour looking online for one…but they simply do not exist.

Thank you for your help.


Dalton Kaiahs Mommy Answered:
Not meant for what you mean but, should work

Glr hlg Answered:
Don't sleep across the house.No device like that exists.

justme Answered:
my baby monitor is digital and shows the temperature (not exact but approximate) i believe its made by safety 1st, to can set it so that an alarm goes off when it gets too hot or cold, and you set the temeperature alarms yourself,

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